DREAM FAMILY CAR : “น้องสวย 555”

The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is a car that perfectly combines the charm of PORSCHE with the utility of a mother of two.

“Bua has been a YouTuber for 10 years now. At that time, I started in the beauty line, but at that time, beauty bloggers only had makeup tutorials but not many people did hairstyling tutorials. In addition to wanting to please the mother-in-law, wanting to do her hair when going to various events, so I keep making clips until there is a clip that really hits, which are a front-back, braid that has as many as 5 million views “Its makes me happy to educate have exchanged knowledge with viewers who are not just coming to see It is the sincerity that we want to share with everyone to know that we have done this method and it works, especially after having jobs with clients that come in to make money as well, even more fun and pride.” Bua – Sarocha Wiriyamettakul, a famous YouTuber, tells about the origin of Buablink channel with 700,000 followers.

From a beauty blogger who now has a new status as a bright and lovely modern mother of twins Nong Wayu – Nong Wata, making the channel’s content more focused on Family and Lifestyle.

“Now most of the content will be teaching child care, tourism, making Bua’s lifestyle now travel more often and because it is a family of twins. When traveling anywhere, many people have to go together, especially if people with small children will understand that if the car is not soft, the children It’s easy to get car sick, so we have to choose a car that has good performance, smooth and really safe, for Bua, PORSCHE is my dream, I like its sporty shape, anyone going up looks spunky, being a spunky girl, can you imagine? We also want to be a spunky girl, right? But if its two doors car, it doesn’t seem to meet our needs, because whenever we wanted to create good memories together with the whole family, it ended up in this Panamera 4E-Hybrid.”

“Thanks to my husband for this car, he knew deep down that I already liked it, one day he suddenly invited us to see cars at Porsche in Thailand. of AAS Group, the sole official importer of Porsche cars in Thailand which has 4 dealers together and managed by AAS Auto Service Company Limited, which I chose to actually pick up the car at the Pattanakarn branch after a while, he asked if he liked it or not? I had to secretly ask what’s the meaning, how would you buy it or not? He replied that he would buy it! up until now, it still feels like a dream,” Khun Bua recounted in a happy manner before Khun Tum, a kind husband smentioned, “Actually, we want to have a family car and a car for Bua to use it in case he wants to go somewhere by herself, we want a standard car not difficult to take care and really useful, so I chose PORSCHE because I saw that my brother already liked it, this car is not a prize, if it is a prize, there must be a special case, but she does good things on a regular basis, so I feel that it is the thing that she should have”.

“Buying a car with AAS Group is special in that it can be configured to match our own character, but we really want it to be a family car. Bua thought that if she didn’t drive, I could drive the car as well. So we choose each other half way. We choose the color that we like as well, which is black, and change the gear knob and choose the interior color that is 100 percent, Bua and I must say that PORSCHE is a very beautiful luxury car inside, for example, the steering wheel is something Bua likes very much, the shape is beautiful, the emblem of the car is very beautiful. Just sitting and looking at the steering wheel makes me happy.”

“The feeling of the first day is very exciting. We choose Thongchai Day for purchase the car, we take our parents to pick up the car together, giving a feeling of peace of mind like having a monk in the house, we saw the look in his father’s eyes that he was glad and delighted with us, I can say that the car is very beautiful. It’s a four-door car that we can go with the whole family, but still look sporty, and what Bua likes very much is the arrogance of the housewife is very fuel efficient. Since we purchase the car, we have never been to a gas station, most of Bua life style go to shopping around the house come back for charge, in this era of oil prices, this is the point I like the most.”

“Bua is a housewife, that have to pay attention when buying things that are official stores. It helps to build confidence for us, like cars, buying a PORSCHE car with an Authorize Dealer like AAS Group makes everything. It’s easy and ensures that everything is in accordance with the standards of the factory. Causing you not to sit and worry about these problems, they were also impressed with the service from the moment the salesman came to take care of them. Since the car has not yet been reserved He gave very good advice, and has good advice or when encountering problems, he is ready to answer us at any moment.”

“Finally, I have to thank my husband for everything, start buying car to registering the registration, when he works, of course he has what he wants, but he will also miss me and I’m the housewives who do not dare to spend a lot of money, but he did it for me without asking, he understand that we fought together and never forgot me”. The new generation mothers conclude the story of owning a PORSCHE Panamera 4E-Hybrid or “Nong suay 555” unexpectedly.