Note To Trendy

Why have contemporary ladies been satisfied with PORSCHE over the years? What distinguishes this electric sports car from other models?

Our PORSCHE chat partner is frequently a man who enjoys and is enthusiastic about driving, but today our chat partner is a talented beautiful girl, Khun Note-Siriporn Supasiri, a consultant for Korean cosmetic surgery in the KSST affiliates and Korean clothing importer.

“Talking about a car, PORSCHE is one of the brands I like the most, whether it’s the secure and steady driving performance, and what I like the most is the design that is unique, sleek, and eye-catching so that you can suddenlyrecognize that it’s PORCHE only when you look if compare PORSCHE to a female, I think that she’d be uniqueness, different and have leadership, she might be referred to as a fashionista because she is a leader and can fusing classic and cutting-edge style completely”.

I previously used the 718 Cayman, and recently I noticed that EV are a global trend that we cannot ignore, so I became interested in TAYCAN, however, that EV are still relatively new in Thailand so the best way is to purchase from a legitimate vendor to be secure and. I have always had faith in Porsche Thailand, whether the quality of the car, standardized service, and excellent after-sales care.

“This Taycan is a car that I use frequently in everyday life since it is sporty, responsive, and combines luxury and comfort that I think that they can perfectly be blended, in addition, another important issue is they can go up to 450 kilometers after only two hours of charging, in addition to being economical, it also helps reduce pollution for our planet as well”.

Even Khun Note has worked as a consultant for many people in the beauty industry for more than 8 years, but with PORSCHE car, this stunning woman also has the most reliable advisor, “Many people desire beauty but are unsure of where to begin. Which hospital and which doctor is the best? I had my own experience so I assure to recommend the customers which businesses offer truly excellent services, it’s like when we’re going to buy a good quality car that it will be better if we buy from an authorized dealer only, with this reason, I purchase all PORSCHE through Porsche Thailand by AAS Group only because I am confident in the quality of the car and the best after-sales service.