As much as we love classic cars, we have to admit that the modern PORSCHE Lightweight is more comfortable and practical in real life than the classic PORSCHE and a slight color change makes it a car with only one identity.

PORSCHE applied the RS badge, short name for RennSport, to the Carrera RS 2.7 in 1973, a special model with a focus on track racing, allowing PORSCHE to compete in various races. A similar formula appeared again in the GT3 996 in 2003, with increased performance thanks to engine improvements, weight reductions, stiffer suspension, and more and vehement aerodynamics, and in 2006 the RS version of the 997 GT3 was introduced.

With the introduction of the second generation of the 997 GT3 RS in 2010, the introduction of a larger 3.8-litre ‘Mezger’ Flat-6 engine with reduced weight internals helped it reach 8,500 revs. per minute and delivering up to 450 horsepower. When paired with the excellent 6-Speed manual transmission, the GT3 RS can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 196 mph.

The dynamic suspension adapts to changes in road surface and driving style for sharper handling. The wider wheelbase and revised bodywork improves traction, and the revised rear wing offers better downforce and stability. Including the added thing in the package that brings it closer to racing cars is Centerlock wheels!

So why would a lifelong lover of classic cars like the ‘Oou Vintage’ turn to pay an attention for modern 997.2 GT3 RS?

“It’s true that the 7-Speed PDK featured on other 911s is faster, more convenient and more technologically efficient, but this manual transmission delivers a classic, natural, responsive feel. It’s immediately straightforward and requires a lot of sensory oversight that requires other controls. Perfectly, not only the turns, the brakes, and the tires, but also the eyes, ears, brains and courage that keeps us from forgetting why we love cars…”.

With a weight of only 1,370 kg, the RS is 25 kg lighter than the GT3 model and the RS with a 6-Speed manual gearbox that adjusts the ratio closer. Thanks to hydraulic steering, dynamic suspension and Active Suspension Management, the PORSCHE GT3 RS caters to heavy-footed drivers. While there is also a choice of driving comfort depending on the environment whether you’re on the road or on the track, it’s something that touches the hearts of drivers like him a lot, but the car’s owner has slightly tweaked its appearance to suit them.

The condition of all original body is excellent. Its previous Carrera White paint was in good condition, with only a few strange pebble marks around the lower front bumper, because his car is a car that he actually drives on a regular basis and despite meticulous care, made it’s difficult to avoid in use. But this car, wrapped in the classic PORSCHE Blood Red color which always brings up his classic mood to always remind himself.

However, the color change is a classic sober tone not just wrapped over the clean-shaven body, but the signature GT3RS pattern on the sides or front fenders is still there. The original gold finish goes perfectly with the centerlock 19-inch GT3RS alloy wheels.

This 997.2 GT3 RS is a striking example of a highly regarded performance car, and has its own character It is fair to say that all the ‘Rennsport’ models in PORSCHE’s catalog are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, but this special edition 911 represents a particularly desirable model that balances both the beauty and excitement you expect. And his owner still often goes out to enjoy it. While many people keep these special edition cars in their garages with surprisingly low miles, they’re the perfect choice before being released into the collector market. But what’s the use if you don’t drive it? It’s like a collection of art that can do nothing more than hang it on the wall and admire it, but the PORSCHE designers were angry that his art was not being used at all.