Porsche Interview: Bart Kuykens (English)

Tell me about your first encounter with Porsche?

I guess that was early 90’s….the first Porsche which made a huge impact on me was the 993 4S. The rear of the car was something I had never seen before, beautiful design, perfect shape, strong and masculine but with those female curves. From that moment I start to develop an interest in Porsches from the very first 911’s to the latest models. Depending on the season of the year my preference shifts from F-models to the very latest 991. We really have the 4 seasons here in Belgium so almost impossible to drive an f-model all year round for example.

Why Porsche? 

Because Porsche. I have no single answer to that question. As a kid I only knew 2 supercars and that was Porsche and Ferrari. Later on I realised there were more. Back in the days seeing a Porsche or a Ferrari was uncommon. Nowadays you see them everyday which means they did an excellent marketing job. 

How did you get into Photography?

I have been always into photography more or less. Taking pictures with my fathers camera or later with a polaroid camera was fun. I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted to shoot. later on I worked as a model for several years so again I was very connected to analog photography. It always inspired me and I was curious to learn from photographers around me. At some point you start to develop your own style and signature by ‘borrowing’ ideas from other photographers.

What inspire you to create your book?

It was never the idea to make a book when I started shooting the first Porsche owner. Only after coming home and seeing the results I wanted to share this passion for both photography and Porsches so I decided to make a book. My inspiration doesn’t always comes from cars, but from people I meet, music or other photographer who inspire me. The love for analog photography is as strong as the love for classic Porsches, maybe stronger.

How do you plan your shoot?  location time etc. 

I never plan my shoot. Ofcourse I check my gear the evening before to see if I have everything I need but on the shoot itself I like to freestyle. Planning up front makes me nervous. Too much can go wrong when everything is planned out. I go with the flow of the moment. Location is important, sometimes I look for something online but most of the time we drive around and when I see something that moves me we stop and start shooting.

What do you look for when you capture the story of owner and theirs car?

I look for angles, details, reflections… I prefer they just walk around the car and tell me about it. In the meantime I take pictures. Not everybody is smooth and sometimes you have to guide them a little bit. When it gets too posed I start focussing on details from the car to let them breathe again a little bit. 

Tell me about your first Porsche?

My very first Porsche was a 1986 Carrera 3.2, Weinrot with matching color interior. Full leather, turbo seats….awesome car. Sound was beautiful, stance was perfect. Bought it in The Netherlands while spotting another car which I was going to buy but ended up with this one. You know when you look for a Porsche I have 3 criteria: I fall in love with the car just by seeing it, the driving experience is rewarding and the price is within my budget. If those 3 are all positive I don’t hesitate. I am an impulsive buyer vut until now I always found it a pleasant experience.

Tell me about your current porsche, more than 1?

My current Porsche is a 1970 F-model which I turned into an outlaw. GT silver, 3.2 Carrera engine, Wevo shifter, Webasto heating, Toyo tires….my baby! I also have a guards red 964 from 1989, a C4. That’s more of a daily driver. 2 great cars within the different 911 generations. I think the 964 is the last 911 with the classic look and feel. 

What is your view on the evolution of 911?

It always gets better and better, safer and safer, faster and faster. At some point it’s so fast it makes no sense anymore unless you drive 250 km/u. The driving experience from modern cars is less rewarding for me. Ofcourse it’s nice, you have the comfort and luxury. Radio and airco are working all the time and there GPS tells you where to go. I think Porsche did great job now with the 992. Many people had doubts about it, including myself, but if you see it….wauw! What a beast again!

Any other non 911 that you like?

Yes I like the classic Ferrari’s, Renault Alpine, some BMW models, Alfa…..so many beautiful cars with great design. But my heart is with Porsche. A 911 has something special. Once you owned one you never go back.

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