Love at First Sight – Targa 4 GTS

Take a look at the beloved car of Khun Thanyarak Chawaldit or ‘Noolek’, executive director of SB Design Square, a giant in the furniture industry, it’s no exaggeration to say that her cars truly deserve her design leadership.

“I am familiar with designingly, beautiful item that will last beyond time, and reflects our tastes. I like things that aren’t too flashy but must be of good quality, whether the furniture, home decoration, accessories, dressing, including cars that I use that have designs that will enhance my personality, like PORSCHE, it’s a true Timeless Design car”.


“I had used Cayenne and Macan before, after that I had the opportunity to participate in the PORSCHE World Road Show 2021 activity and tried almost every PORSCHE model in many tests, which was a very exciting experience, and then when I saw the real 911 Targa, I told myself that if I was going to buy a 911, it would have to be this model. It’s very much my character. I prefer open-top cars because it’s gives a free feeling, the roll bar in the middle make the car a very nice look, this can be called ‘Love at First Sight’ so it’s easy to decide when the moment comes.”


“I admit that the 911 is very iconic, even though there have been many models, but when I saw 911, I immediately knew that this is the car that everyone knows. This one is the 911 Targa GTS with options that almost nothing else to add, some elements are classic but still stand out such as the Center lock wheels, I chose only the GT Silver color contrasting with black roll bars, I choose dark blue premium leather inside with red Belt trim with Sport Crono, I feel so happy every get in the car, and feel that this is my car.”


“In terms of driving, this car is not only fun to drive, but it also has driving assistance systems that make me more confident, I used to drive on the expressway at speeds of over a hundred and there was a clicking sound that I felt it was unusual so I stopped the car to have a look and noticed that the tire is flat on the road, but the car does not lose its balance at all while driving. I only knew that the PASM suspension system made the car good for drive, but on that day I realized that it also contributes to safety, after a while, AAS immediately sent Roadside Assistance to pick up my car, this is another reason why I chose to buy a car with PORSCHE THAILAND by AAS Group, it’s because I was comfortable and confident with the management’s standard, whether about the quality of the car, warranty or service. Because I have a lot of work to do and I don’t want to have problems with other matter, so I AAS Group helping in taking care of the without having to worry about management and just having fun driving. ”