Malaysia is yet another excellent nation. If you’re a car nut, you want to drive on perfect roads, get cheap petrol prices like it’s free, and fill up at some gas stations using 100-octane fuel. Additionally, a top-notch racetrack known as the ‘Sepang Circuit’ supports high levels of F1 competition that is only 40 minutes from KL City. Marc Brands would have settled down and brought his favorite car here for all of the above reasons.

Marc, who was born in Hong Kong and spent his childhood living between Hong Kong, Europe, and the US, tells us that, before moving to KL, he spent 20 years living in London. He purchased this car in 2011 with the goal of making it backdate a 1973 2.8RSR, which served as the inspiration for the modification of this car.

When it first came, this car was a white 1989 Carrera 4 brought from the UK with a two-tone interior designed by Eddy van den Bossche of Classic Motorsport. In Germany, it is the moderator who changes the bodywork. All of the body is steel. Turbo fenders have taken the place of the narrow fenders, then forging with hand for more rounded and ‘correct’ curvature that matches the wide body of the pre-G-series 911.

The engine was sent to renowned German engine builder Manfred Rugen from Rugen Motoren GmbH for a complete rebuild and upgrade. The power is about 300 horsepower. The transmission has been changed from the original 964 RS, which is a 4-wheel drive system, has been converted to 2-wheel drive, reducing the weight by about 90 kg. The wheels are Fuchs size 9x11s paired with Michelin TB15 Full Wets tires and Bilstein PSS10s shock absorbers.

In 2017, he was given the chance to go to Malaysia, and he was fortunate to be permitted to bring one automobile with him thanks to Mr. Hwa, a dear friend from Valhalla Garage in Kuala Lumpur who assisted him with the registration procedure. This car is prepared to operate in its entirety, including assisting with the service.