On September 17, 2022, will take place an event featuring #PORSCHELEICHTTBAU in front of Central World. This collection of limited-edition Porsche lightweight vehicles was inspired by race tracks. A variety of parts are used in the body design of this car series that emphasizes minimizing weight while maintaining the strength of the body’s structure and safety to assist people to use energy per mile more effectively.

The cooperation in organizing this event would not have been possible without such important leaders as Central World, Das Treffen magazine, and Porsche Thailand, who jointly selected special cars to be displayed on the forecourt of Central World for the general public have admired each other closely and this is the first time in Thailand that a special edition Porsche car can be brought together more and more like this.

The 911 family, starting with the 911 CS, chassis code 930, is one of those displayed at the event. Then, there are the 993 chassis code, 933 RS, 993 GT2, and 996 families, beginning with the 996 GT3, 996 GT3 RS, and 996 GT2, both Mk1 and Mk2, chassis code 997 starting with 997 GT3, 997 GT3 RS and 997 GT2 both Mk1 and Mk2, chassis code 991, commencing with 991 GT3, 991 GT3 RS, 991 GT3 Touring, 991 GT2 RS, and 991 Speedster both Mk1 and Mk2 and ending with the most recent chassis, the 992, has a GT3 that was just released.

There are also lightweight vehicles in the Cayman and Boxster families. Starting with 987 Cayman R, 981 Cayman GT4, 987 Boxster Spyder, 981 Boxster Spyder, and 718 Cayman Gt4 RS. At this event, tran- saxle 968 CS is also on display.


This event has a lot of visitors, which is a good time after the Covid-19 situation has started to normalize and is considered a warm-up for our annual big event, DAS. TREFFEN during January next year, guar- anteed greatness and splendor what will be the highlights of the event? Please stay tuned within all DAS TREFFEN online communication channels coming soon.