From Mr. Goody’s passion for customizing cars since his childhood, he was able to customize cars for world-class customizing events such as SEMA SHOW in the United States, and this passion for customizing continues in his 911 GT3 RS until nowadays.

He hilariously began to tell us about the difference in customizing culture here and in America. “The trend of customizing the car has changed steadily. For example, in one era, the wide body dress with bulging style was very popular. In this era, the wide body began to change into a clean, simple style. There’s nothing fixed, the main thing I learned from customizing cars for SEMA shows is that we make cars, we do it the way we want it to be. But most people like to customize cars to impress other people. Always ask other people’s opinion and forgetting that we are the one who appreciate looking at cars, and we are the drivers, most importantly, we are the ones who pay the money as well, which most people will forget with this. From what I have seen in Thailand, they are modified the car in a similar way, rarely of them dares to break the frame, but in America everyone tries to escape the duplicity. For example about the color, they must be mixed until the color is not like the villagers at all”. With the idea that dares to break the frame, Mr. Goody, who has a degree from world-class shows, has developed it to make different modifications to all his cars.

In addition to his passion for customizing any car, Mr. Goody will customize it to his favorite character. He is also a fan of PORSCHE cars as well. “I started buying my first PORSCHE while I’m in America, a Boxster 987. It felt like a good mid-engine, and then later I turned to 997.1 GT3, oh..I really like it. I have to say that I like many brands, but for PORSCHE in the GT family, it’s a very good car to drive. It’s been set up so much that it doesn’t need much adjustment. The power and suspension don’t need to be upgraded. As I am already a person who likes to customize cars, GT cars that are racing to a new level, so it meets our needs better. But then it wasn’t enough. I’m also modified by upgrading the engine to 4.0 and taking it to run on the track regularly.

“When I returned to Thailand after being shocked by the car price that was much higher than America, I thought for a while before I bought a 997.2 GT3RS, white and red wheels, aiming to get this one because we already have a history with 997 cars. The best driver we’ve ever driven PORSCHE, although the recent PORSCHE heading towards speed may reduce the enjoyment or connection with the driver a bit. But new technology has made it easier and faster to drive, but the 997 GT3 RS is the last manual RS. The steering is also the last hydraulic system and this one is a car from Porsche Thailand by AAS. Group The only importer in Thailand which currently has the dealer is in 4 branches, managed by AAS Auto Service Co., Ltd. (AAS Auto Service Co., Ltd.), which we have always seen from our seniors who have maintained the car very well, which is the reason. Why do we have to buy this car? After that, I started buying PORSCHE more and more. Now, besides the working car that is the Panamera and the car that my wife uses is the Taycan, I also have classic models like 964 and 993, and the rest of the cars are all GT family.

After playing for awhile I tried to buy cars from AAS Auto Service both used and collector cars because buying cars with an Authorize Dealer will always take care of us, such as recall 997. That is many years old, he still maintains the update, and so we trust, including the expertise of the service team that is certified by PORSCHE.

And most recently, I bought a 992 GT3 from AAS Auto Service, which they provide very good service. It’s different from buying a car overseas. There was a car reception that impressed us, another thing was all officers, salesmen, managers, they have good knowledge of cars. It’s not an admin salesman. For example, our car, at first this car was not unlocked during the run-in cycle, when I called him to ask, he immediately answered me, making me impressed that he took good care of all my cars.

“I have to say that the GT family character is very different from the normal model, like the 992, the suspension is not the same. It’s easier to drive, faster, safer. Most people don’t use 70-80 percent of their car’s performance, but we need that performance for us to feel at ease, the better the car, the more help we have, the easier to drive with peace of mind.”

In terms of caring, there is nothing to worry about because there is already a Warranty from AAS. In fact, now we can even make an appointment through the PMC screen in the car. Keep everything simple and comfortable and low maintenance. Just service according to the distance and according to the time Every time we go to the center, they take care of everything. Or even an old car like a 997 still has a message to remind you to get in service, the rest is to take care of the use, focusing on cleaning more like I will use Auto Glym cleaning products before bringing it to the garage. we In order not to bring dust to other cars, which when used, we know that a good coating, in addition to adding shine, also protects the car’s paint and all interior equipment. Therefore, I would like to recommend it to people who love cars as well to experience the feeling as well. So I decided to open a car maintenance center under the Auto Glym brand.

Another thing I would like to share is take care of the carcare. I have found a senior that collects cars that like to park their cars without driving, which will greatly deteriorate the parts of the car. In fact, the car must move a bit in order to use the rubber bushings, shock absorbers. I had to take it out and drive it at least once a month, 3-4km at a time because of just starting the car to warm up the engine. It’s not enough,” Goody concludes, explaining all of his techniques to keep his car in good working condition at all times. Before secretly whispering good news to fans who love Thai motorsports that he actually has a new project that is ordering the 992GT3cup to compete in the country as well. Of course, even then it will be as exciting as when he was the first Thai person to customize a car to enter the world class event.