In the classic car group in Thailand, few people don’t know the name of ‘Ouu Vintage’, which just the name can indicate his character who is a real fanatic of classic cars.

Origin of Ouu Vintage

I became interested in classics when the Baan Bangkok Classic Cars website just launched, which required a login name, so many people knew me as Ouu Vintage, which was my login name ever since.

From enthusiasts to collectors.

First off, I can state that I enjoy driving old automobiles because I enjoy the driving experience as well as the mechanical sounds of the engine and carburetor. We don’t want to drive so fast, 100 kmh is fun for taking in the scenery.

At that time, I enjoyed the classic ALFA ROMEO quite a lot, starting with small cars and moving on. I can say that I have come to the end of every road, both Japan and Europe. Later, many senior advised me not to randomly collect, because in the end the collection would be fragmented, so I set my own direction to turn my attention to the two-door cars.


When I had the opportunity to drive a PORSCHE, I felt the joy of driving, the control that we had to communicate with the car. It is the best driving car of the same year and requires the most skill to drive because the engine is in the rear. If the driver is skilled, it will be more fun to drive, and it can also use Throttle Steering that other cars don’t have. For PORSCHE, it doesn’t break down wherever youdrive. When going on a trip at a distance of 1500-1600 kilometers on a high mountain, the engine does not break, the brakes do not fade. Driving is fun every second, making it easy to decide that we have chosen this way. When we drive more, we start to study in depth, it makes me like it even more after understand its history deeply, after that, I always bought it for my home.

Classic car charm

It’s hard to say that these cars only it’s beauty. It’s better to call “ addict”, in the past, Bertone, Pininfarina designer he finished designing the car then forward the design to engineer to put in an engine, transmission and suspension system. Therefore, the car will be beautiful without caring about the function, beautiful without a reason, I really love this way, I feel like it’s crazy, the a modern car It had to be designed so that a 6 foot 3 person could sit in it, and have to be careful about safety that is a lot of limitations, so I think that driving in the past was more fun. It has craft and art mixed together and still has classic and delicacy in the car.


The car must be driven, if not driven, it will break. At least you have to drive it sometimes, but when starting, don’t start it for a while. For old cars, sometimes it hasn’t reached the working temperature, the soot will not burn completely. In fact, old cars are very easy to maintain, all you need is a battery, power, and fuel to start the engine.

The matters of battery

A good battery is very important for an old car. Sometimes it’s not just a one-time start. Some cars need to start 2-3 times. I’ve experienced this kind of thing before. The first start is strong, the 2nd and 3rd times start to fade. Personally, I use Banner. Banner is an OEM battery for many European car brands, including Porsche. After using the Banner battery, it is clear that he has consistent power, paying The fire is more stable Repeated start many times, still as strong as the first start So I changed the battery for every car. New cars are even more important because they have a lot of electronic systems which are all electric. If the electric power system is unstable, there is not enough power and cause the system to malfunction, including various engine sensors that if the power supply is not enough, the engine is not working at full efficiency, so choosing a good battery can help maintain the ECU and maintain the sensors of our cars as well. As for the durability of the battery, there’s no ant problem even though it has been used for a long time, the Banner still delivers strong and stable power even after a long service life. One more thing, I’m confident in Banner’s standard, including the safety system when driving, when using Banner, I’m confident because it’s the battery that the PORSCHE factory has already used.

The joy of driving a classic car

New cars are good to drive, but not as fun as driving a classic car because driving doesn’t remember the fun of the turns. What’s it like to win each corner? It’s not like a classic car where we have to fully immerse ourselves in driving, a new car doesn’t give us the feeling that we won something. I don’t feel it’s as meaningful as the old cars. Every time I drive an old car, it wakes up the fire for me so that we don’t forget the origin of…why we like cars…