The Quality Choice

Battery is a key factor for every car, whether or not a car will be powered or not depends largely on the battery. Banner batteries are now well known among premium car users for the quality and safety, assured of being an OEM battery for many leading car manufacturers including PORSCHE. We had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Chok-Choksathit Benjaratanaporn, a passionate executive who oversees a variety of businesses, whether it is an affiliated company of KCC Machinery, a company that imports heavy machinery, Hyundai Construc- tion Equipment, as well as being a representative of the importer of large truck tires and an importer of Banner batteries for distributed in Thailand, in addition to the role of a very talented executive, he is also a man who is passionate and has been in the car field for a long time.

“The starting point is that my brother is a race car driver and there are always different cars coming into the house, including racers, mechanics and other people in the car industry who come to meet and chat with each other at home, so I have an opportunity to talk with friends in the car lover field and make me both knowledgeable and unexpectedly discover what I like, and the car that I especially love is the PORSCHE, I love its unique look, the sound, the composition and its classic look that No matter how much you look, you won’t get bored, like its performance of driving, which every series of PORSCHE will gets better and better to drive, give us enjoy driving it every time, with a good engine, nice transmission gear, good suspension, everything perfectly fits.” With being involved with the automotive industry for a long time, Mr. Chok clearly saw the problem and the importance of the battery in the car. Mr. Chok then studied deeply until he found a high quality battery, so he had an idea for friends invite friends to use good quality products “Starting from using PORSCHE cars, I found out that the battery often fails, I therefore studying for more and more information, and found that the battery is actually very important for the car, until I have met Banner, a battery with a very interesting origin and a history of almost a hundred years, the more I know Banner, the more amazing I was. Banner is a genuine OEM battery with a very high PORSCHE DNA like the Porsche sports coupe, all Banner batteries are used. “Because the battery is very important for the car, not just for start the car, but battery is one of the hearts of the car, especially new model cars that need sufficient current and stable in supplying energy enough to It will make the car work more efficiently and also maintain the car at the same time an insufficient battery will affect the function and operation of many parts of the car, including the ECU that is very important.

Banner is a battery from Austria that has been researched and tested well, investing hundreds of millions per year in product development with standards that come out of a single factory only, makes us more confident in the quality and when we visited Banner’s factory, we were even more amazed with the production process and attention in detail such as the copyright battery cap that can prevent the leakage of acidic water and various vapors. Experienced executives added that car batteries are important factors for cars, whether they are new models or classic cars, they all need special care. “Newer model cars require the most efficient batteries even when parked, and must be fully efficient from the time the door is opened, including the processing of various functions that must be ready to work together. The use of non- standard batteries will have a negative effect to the car, such as Porsche’s PDK transmission, which is known for its efficiency and top-end gear sensitivity in the world, you need a very stable electric current every time you shift the gear, using non-standard batteries will result in reduced performance, or even a car audio system, using a good battery can improve the sound quality, so we know that good battery life is important even to the slight details which is very necessary even in classic cars.

“The important thing is compatibility between dimension and various alignments, if non-standard batteries are installed, mismatching between battery size and battery base can make the car body corrode when the battery moves, in the worst case, the acid that flows out may damage the car body, which is a small matter that may become a big matter that cannot assess the damage, people who love classic cars must definitely understand in this point.

Banner Strength Point

– Testfakta, an independent European testing and research institute, used to test various brands of batteries, and the results showed that Banner’s battery got the best score, the reason is because Banner doesn’t reduce the battery specification, every battery will have the same quality and have only one standard, that is “The best”.

– Banner does not test the battery use random method in each lot, but check the quality of every battery.

– Banner’s battery will be very fresh, the battery must be shipped from the factory directly to the consumer within7 days after production,.

– Another topic that Banner considers very important is the safety, Banner’s battery will pass the Roll-over Test of the car manufacturer’s factory. In addition, the Banner battery is very strong even when subjected to accidental shocks.